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Tropical Weddings: What a Groom Might Wear for That Special Day

December 22, 2009

Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect. Some take a traditional approach when planning the ceremony and reception while others opt for something more unique.

Getting married on a tropical beach or resort is a great way to make an already exciting event even more memorable. When deciding on the day’s attire, keep in mind that the bride’s dress will establish the tone for the groom and consequently for the guests.  Although a destination wedding can be every bit as formal as a traditional ceremony, choosing to make it informal will allow much more flexibility regarding dress etiquette.

If exchanging vows at a beach wedding, then a groom can select from a number of casual looks that will be complementary to himself and to his surroundings. One might consider wearing a light-coloured suit, made from linen, cotton or a light-weight wool. In this case, the groom can accessorize with or without a tie and choose between  a dress shoe for any of the 3 suits or a dress sandal for the linen and cotton suits. Another appropriate outfit would be a light-coloured blazer combined with dress shorts and dress sandals. The last and simplest alternative is a pair of linen trousers accompanied with dress sandals and a linen shirt, short or long sleeves and either worn tucked in or untucked. It is important to note that although it is the priority of every guest to avoid dressing more formally than the groom, it is the groom’s responsibility to differentiate himself from the invited guests so that he can be easily identified.

For more advice on weddings click here. Also, there are a few island wedding websites and blogs that are dedicated to the topic, and while they don’t focus much on the male perspective, they are worth looking at if you are planning to host or attend a destination wedding this winter: and Wedding Planning.

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