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Date Movie Of The Week: Avatar

December 21, 2009

From everything we can see about this almost 3 hour movie, director James Cameron has invested over $300 million and 12 years to tackle the questions around true love and good vs. evil, and how people struggle to come to terms with a controversial issue. To top it all off, Cameron created a visually spectacular 3D experience.

Between this and last week’s review of Up In The Air, the theme of love changing a man’s perspective seems to be even more popular than usual these days…

Rotten Tomatoes reviewers gave it an 83%. The New York Times reports it opened at #1 this week (and adds that FOX claims the movie is testing very strong with women).

The Hot Air blog reviews the movie and adds this perspective, which is one of the best ways to define the film:

The scenery is lush and seemingly magical.  It is truly a character in its own right, and for a purpose.  The flying scenes with the Na’vi are spectacular … but in the manner of the world’s best video game.  Only in a scene at the climax does it seem realistic at all.  That doesn’t make it less enjoyable, but it’s hard to shake the World of Warcraft feel.  It’s about the same feel as The Mummy, which was also a good popcorn flick, but with far fewer pretensions at being something else.

All of that gets wasted to some degree on a plot that combines Dances with Wolves and Dune, with a dash of Return of the Jedi for a Luddite noble-savages-defeat-technology flavor


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