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More than Meets the Eye: Antonio Valente Sport Shirts

February 4, 2010

As a consumer, most of my shopping impulses are driven by how an item looks. If an object’s design is attractive, I will research its quality and manufacturer as a way to increase its appeal and value but my initial interest is always based on my sense of sight. It occurred to me that consumers appreciate Antonio Valente  shirts, trousers and jackets on many levels, but they may not realize the technical efforts invested into a particularly unique design.

Below is a photograph of a Fall 2010 sport shirt sample and the fabric used to make it. At first glance, it seems we crafted the sport shirt from two different fabrics. However, upon closer examination it’s clear that we used two sides of the same fabric to make the sport shirt. The fabric’s unique pattern and the design’s extensive details posed our pattern department with their most challenging sport shirt to date.

Before we spread a fabric for cutting, we organize a shirt’s pattern pieces into a marker, which has two purposes: to take full advantage of a fabric’s cuttable surface, and reconcile each piece with the fabric’s matching line. In this case, there was the added obstacles of the fabric’s unique double-sided pattern, which only has two stripes, and the sport shirt’s design details, which required extensive piece-by-piece manipulation within the marker. This demanding sport shirt design took 15 times longer to create its marker than it would for a basic white dress shirt. At Antonio Valente, each dress shirt, sport shirt, trouser, suit and sport jacket is made with the intention of  assaulting the senses.


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