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Ask Antonio: Fabrics From Soktas

January 26, 2010

One of our readers posted a comment recently, which asks:

“Have you every tried fabric from Soktas (a Turkish mill)? They have the best fabric + designs I’ve seen in a long time. Up to 240/2 ply. They supply most of the luxury brands. I suggest you try it out.”
Brian C.

Soktas is a very good mill, and they have a reputation for selling good fabric.  However, their products are not at the same level of quality offered by Italian mills. We buy the vast majority of our fabric from Italian mills because they spare nothing to produce the world’s finest fabrics.

The major luxury labels may well use fabric from Soktas and find it meets their quality control minimums, but their business model is different from ours. They are looking to keep costs down and deliver the best product they can for minimum cost. We don’t look to save money at the expense of quality, but build the best garments in the world.

Another important difference is that major mills like this supply large volumes of fabric, which represent thousands of the same garments. In an attempt to keep our designs and garments interesting and unique, we don’t over produce any one fabric or style, flooding our resellers with the same inventory.

But again, they are a good mill, and play an important role for a number of high-volume labels. Thank you for your thoughts.


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