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Loyalty In Luxury

January 21, 2010

The Globe and Mail recently covered Holt Renfrew & Co’s change at the top, Caryn Lerner’s replacement with Mark Derbyshire. The article ends by referencing Kaileen  Millard-Ruff of GfK Research Dynamics.

…the “Catch-22” of the luxury retail trade is that the customers, who make up a small proportion of the overall population, can afford to travel and shop at exclusive stores elsewhere.

She makes an interesting point but I would like to add another cause for concern is many retailers don’t sufficiently differentiate themselves from the pack but offer very similar inventory that is easily found elsewhere. Consequently, consumers do not have a compelling reason to be loyal. Also, many shoppers have become creatures of habit, accepting fashion conventions that state all luxury brands are synonymous with quality. In fact, there are many labels that rely on brand power and huge marketing budgets to convince people the sizzle is the steak. This seems enough for many shoppers, who are more interested in who they wear than what they wear, but it helps to reaffirm the status quo. In the end, stores are too cautious with their inventory, playing it safe by offering the same quality and choices easily found elsewhere, and consumers aren’t inspired to return on a regular basis because they can have the same shopping experience at many other stores. At Antonio Valente, we work from a committment to add value and create unique options for men by continually refining our quality standards, innovations and designs.

This garment, featured in our Spring 2010 Look Book, is a great example of why Antonio Valente menswear is growing so quickly – it’s a true luxury garment incorporating unique styling, quality craftsmanship and limited availability.

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