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New Year’s Eve Style: The Perfect Bow Tie Knot

December 29, 2009

Knowing how to tie the perfect bow tie is another important mark of a gentleman. Gone are the days when a guy can think it’s cool to have no clue how to pull himself together, defaulting to a clip-on tie or “going casual”. Today, the details matter and dressing appropriately for a venue is a mark of respect and intrigue as opposed to looking and feeling out-of-place. Today’s gentleman dresses up, not down… and on New Year’s Eve you will want your tuxedo looking perfect, with all details in place. The video (above) is the best one I’ve seen in a while on how to tie a bow tie, and it complements the written instructions found here.

Some tips from the same page:

  • Now that you’re puzzled by the step-by-step, think about your shoe. The bow tie knot is the same knot that most people use to tie their shoes. Imagine your head poking out of your shoe like your ankle does. Now imagine tying your shoe from below. That’s how you tie a bow tie.
  • Like tying a tie or a shoe, tying a bow tie requires practice and patience, but once you get it down it’s actually quite easy.
  • Once you’ve got tying the bow tie down, experiment with angling your bows or making your knot different sizes. Bow ties offer a lot of room to express your own individual style.
  • Make sure the tie fits and that it feels comfortable.
  • Try practicing by tying the tie around your thigh. It is less fatiguing on your arms, you can see what you are doing and still get the “feel” of tying the knot and your thigh just above the knee is about as thick as your neck. *Close your eyes and think about tying a shoelace, there is less confusion from your visual sense.
  • The trick is finding the “hole” in step 7. Watching the video really helps with this.

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