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Alberto Rabagliati: A Man We Respect

December 14, 2009 has recognized a style icon in Alberto Rabagliati.

Rabagliati was an Italian singer with an impressive story of success built on innovation, tenacity, and providing something that his fans appreciated.

In 1927, he moved to Hollywood as the winner of a Rudolph Valentino look-alike contest. He remained four years in America, but his career as an actor never took off. During his stay, he had the opportunity to get to know new musical genres such as jazz, swing and scat.  He took his musical talents back to Italy and found that his quasi-American style of music was embraced by both audiences.

At a time when anything foreign was banned by the Italian government, Rabagliati was allowed to maintain his American-influenced style. The  government decided to make use of his popularity by choosing his song “Sposi (C’è Una Casetta Piccina)” (“Newlyweds (There’s a Little Home)”) as their demographic campaign anthem.

Rabagliati’s work ethic combined with his mix of style and cultural tradition to make him an icon of his time.  He always looked, dressed and performed with a tireless attention to detail and, for that reason, he rose to the top of entertainment industry in Italy.

His style was formal, elegant and traditional.  Antonio Valente formal wear harkens back to Rabagliati’s era in many ways by redefining timeless style with contemporary boundaries. Our garments are made for men like Rabagliati – men who strive to look and feel their best, and who understand that a traditional approach can be classic but contemporary, using subtle style and unique details to stand out from the crowd.


Even though your mind may be running toward T-shirts with this one, resist the temptation of trends that are (thankfully) over and opt for a fitted tuxedo shirt. It’s the natural match for a bow tie — the newest wardrobe addition that you didn’t know you needed (but shouldn’t live without) and a key item that makes any look sing with Rabagliati style.

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