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Shorter Gentlemen: Dressing Tips for Your Body Type

December 2, 2009
Looking good is a matter of style and fit.

Looking good is a matter of style and, above all, fit.

We all want to look our best when choosing an outfit for work or play. Some of us have been blessed with fantastic genes but many of us need to work with what we have so it’s crucial that you never settle for anything less than the most flattering designs and fits. For men 5’7″ or shorter, there is one tip to keep in mind when shopping for shirts, trousers and suits: proportion and fit are everything!

1. When choosing prints, keep them proportionate to your body by selecting smaller patterns, such as micro-checks. Vertical stripes are always a good choice.

2. Avoid wide ties, which will make your body seem disproportionate by comparison.

3. Choose dress shoes that have a clean and simple design with thinner soles.

4. Avoid blazers, sport jackets and suits with more than three buttons.

5. Don’t lose patience when shopping.  A proper fit must be your top priority. A) Whenever possible, buy bespoke clothing so that each garment is tailor-made to fit and complement your body. B) For many reasons, you must never purchase ready-to-wear clothes that weren’t specifically designed to fit smaller frames with the intent of altering the sleeve, body or trouser lengths. To start, the shirt’s pocket location will be too low on your body, around waist height, and the pocket-size will be too large, covering a disproportionate  area of your shirt. The armholes, sleeves (even if shortened), and overall fit will be too loose, looking sloppy. Trousers face similar issues. Although a trouser’s length may be shortened, the bottoms will be too wide in proportion to your feet. Also, the wider legs and longer rise combine for a baggy and ill-fitting trouser. The pocket bags will be longer than needed, making it awkward to use your pockets.

The Antonio Valente bespoke program eliminates all these issues and can give you the fit and style needed to flatter your body type.


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