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Date Movie Of The Week – 2012

November 23, 2009

The latest John Cusack movie, 2012,  takes him and the rest of the cast into a visually stunning iteration of what the world of today would be like if the 2012 prophecies came true. The film’s director, Ronald Emmerich, has a track record of contemporary doomsday masterpieces, and while many critics may not like this film, I’m under the impression that it will carve out a profitable niche for itself, just as his other films have done.

John Cusack worked with Antonio on two films. In fact, he asked Antonio to send his clothing for War, Inc. to Bulgaria for the movies shooting.

If I were taking a date to this movie (and for the record, I don’t think this is a movie every date will love), I would recommend spending a few minutes learning more about the prophecies beforehand so you have some background knowledge for the film and to use in a post-movie discussion over drinks. The link above is a good place to start.

Rolling Stone Magazine gave it 1 / 4 stars. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 34%. One reviewer using gave it 3 / 5 stars, and had this to offer:

This is not really a good film. I will not pretend that it is. It is silly, ludicrously far-fetched, spends too much time allowing its characters to narrowly escape situations that they could not plausibly ever survive in reality. However, it is consistently thrilling, and wonderfully entertaining, and my favorable opinion of it rests largely on those two things.


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