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North American Companies Operating in North America Volume 2: Inniskillin Winery

October 15, 2009

The Niagara Peninsula has become known for its Icewine and the Inniskillin Winery is at the centre of the area’s reputation: an industry leader with global recognition for high-quality Icewine.

Producing Icewine demands a delicate balance of timing, patience and talent. Canadian standards dictate that natural Icewine must be made from grapes that have been exposed to temperatures of -8 degrees celsius or colder. Consequently, grapes must remain on the vine well past the normal harvest, which runs the risk of rot, being eaten by wild animals or being lost to a severe freeze.

Inniskillin Winery is another North American company dedicated to perfecting the art of Icewine. Inniskillin was incorporated on  July 31, 1975 and today is enjoyed in 59 countries.


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