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AskMen’s Top 10 Ways To Get A Woman’s Attention – We Like Number 1

September 23, 2009 is a great place to find all kinds of great information for men, by men. This top 10 list is no exception.  It explains a number of ways that we like to get a woman’s attention.  We decidedly agree with their number 1 since so much of our customer feedback revolves around complements they receive from women.  I know when I started to wear Antonio Valente dress shirts and trousers, the attention I received from women about my clothing went from none to several a week, which means that there must be ten times as many women noticing if a few are voicing themselves.

Read this top 10 list and think about the other 9 rules.  Combine them with self-improvement and you are well on your way to becoming a dating and relationship superstar.


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