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The Anatomy Of A Good Shirt Collar: Details and Features

September 21, 2009

At first glance a shirt collar seems straightforward: a neckband, points, a button, interlinings, removable stays and stitching. However, after a closer look, a collar’s quality may vary just as much as its design. We invest a great deal of time and effort in developing innovative quality features and cutting edge methods for assembling our garments. Each shirt collar is an example of the Antonio Valente commitment to satisfying public demand and continually improving our high quality standards.

Some time ago, it was brought to our attention by one consumer that the top collar button was a little difficult to fasten. After some investigation into the problem, we concluded that the top button on every bespoke and ready-to-wear sport and dress shirt needed to be hand-sewn and shanked instead of attached by machine.  Consequently, the shank, which is the stem that connects the button to the shirt, is elongated and makes it extremely easy to fasten the top button in addition to adding a subtle but stylish feature to every shirt.


The hand-sewn, long button on the top of an Antonio Valente shirt

The hand-sewn, long button on the top of an Antonio Valente shirt

For those of you who are tired of having your tie slip down from under your collar into plain view, we sew a tie loop to the back of every dress shirt’s neckband. This Antonio Valente signature detail is subtle but helps to provide a professional and clean presentation when wearing neckwear. Simply thread your tie through the loop and you may feel assured that it will remain anchored in place, under your collar, and hidden at all times.

Another signature Antonio Valente detail is how we use collar, and for that matter cuff, interlinings for our dress and sport shirts. Firstly, we buy only the best interlininngs available. Also, we believe that the undercollar, even though hardly ever seen, should look as crisp and smooth as the top collar. For this reason, interlinings are not only put on the collar’s top side, as is the common practice, but we also place them on the underside of each collar. Consequently, you will never see puckering or differential shrinkage when examining the underside of an Antonio Valente collar or cuff. Finally, we provide our consumers with the choice of three different types of interlinings, each one a different grade of stiffness from hard to soft, to accommodate dress shirts and sport shirts alike.


The hidden tie loop, part of every Antonio Valente shirt, keeps ties hidden and in the right place, so wearing a tie is as comfortable as possible


Aesthetically our collars are very diverse and accurately matched. Many retailers and consumers take advantage of our vast array of over 20 collar styles, 6 neckband selections, 3 interlining alternatives, 5 stitch choices, the option of using contrasting thread colours and our beautiful button catalogue to personalize and add character to any shirt.  Furthermore, we take great pride in knowing that when a stack of ready-to-wear shirts, all made from the same fabric, is displayed in a menswear store, the matching on each collar is identical to the next within a particular range.

Matched Back Collars

An Antonio Valente collar is one example of the overall approach we take to ensure fit, quality, unique designs, innovation and value.


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