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Antonio Valente Cuffs and How to Pair Them with Cufflinks

September 21, 2009

We recently received a question from one of our readers regarding general guidelines for wearing cufflinks. I’d like to thank Chris for taking the time to submit his thoughts and question.

Antonio Valente cuffs illustrate our philosophy towards quality and value. Firstly, we use only the finest interlinings and fabrics to assemble our cuffs and collars. Interlinings are not only added to the  top side of every cuff, as is the common practice among manufacturers, we also attach them to the each cuff’s bottom side. This signature Antonio Valente quality feature prevents any differential shrinkage and unsightly puckering on the inside of our cuffs resulting in an enduring smooth and crisp look.

We are very proud of the wide array of styles and accurate matching that each pair of cuffs represents. Many retailers and consumers take advantage of the extensive catalogue of over 20 French and button cuff styles, 3 interlining alternatives, 5 stitch choices, the option of using contrasting thread colours, our beautiful button selection, and the ability to add monograms, which never show through a cuff but are sewn only to the top half before it’s closed, to personalize and increase the character of any shirt.  Furthermore, each pair of cuffs, whether on a ready-to-wear or bespoke shirt, is perfectly matched not only to each other but also to the front placket of the shirt. That is to say, the centre line of the cuffs, on which the buttons are sewn, matches the centre line of the shirt’s front so that the button placement on both is identical. The overall aesthetic, created by this subtle detail, significantly contributes to the quality and value of each Antonio Valente shirt.

While many men prefer button cuffs, we believe that French cuff shirts are appropriate for any occasion and may be worn as sport shirts too. When choosing appropriate cufflinks to wear with your shirt, the only restriction governing your selection should be the overall purpose or look of an outfit. Just as white dress shirts are too formal for jeans, mother of pearl onyx cufflinks are too formal for casual sport shirts. Conversely, novelty cufflinks, such as skulls or representations of sport equipment, are too casual for dress shirts and will detract from the overall professional or formal look of the outfit. With that being said, cufflinks can act as great conversation starters so keep an eye out for any that will add a touch of character to your wardrobe.


A few of the many custom cuffs available on Antonio Valente shirts

A few of the many custom cuffs available on Antonio Valente shirts


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