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Starting At The Top: Why You Should Always Start by Showing A Customer The Best

September 16, 2009

White Antonio Valente Sartorial Shirt

In sales, I find that it does not matter what you are selling, it is always wise to start by showing the client the best available product possible and work your way down, if needed.  It does not matter what you think you can tell about a client by their shoes or watch, a man always has money for something he really wants or feels he needs.  Antonio Valente clothing, like other luxury products, is a perceived need.  Sure, we save our client’s money in the long run because our garments last longer and wear better than many other high-end garments on the market, but before anyone tries on our clothing, they walk into a store and interact with a sales representative. It is up to the rep to introduce the client to our brand and clothing and put them into one of our shirts, trousers, sport jackets or suits.

Take as an example basic white shirts, which are available everywhere and at every price point. A white dress shirt reflects little effort in what a person chooses to wear because it has little personality and goes with most anything. A textured white shirt is more uncommon, it is not available at most lower end stores since it is more expensive, and shows that some pride and thought went into selecting and wearing it. As it costs more, it also stands to reason that a store selling textured white shirts will make more money for each one they sell but more importantly the customer will have a shirt which is more unique and will garner more attention.

When you start showing clients textured white shirts, or for that matter any product that has some personality or extra details, everyone wins. The client will look better and stand out as a fashion individual, he will trust more in your opinion after receiving sound advice, the store will make a higher margin on his purchase and the sales rep will win by  having a happy customer who will be sure to return.


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