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Properly Sizing a Man’s Sport Jacket or Blazer Length

September 10, 2009
The Antonio Valente Suit

The Antonio Valente Suit

The Rule of Thumb regarding men’s sport jackets or blazers: the sleeve should reach the point where the wrist and hand meet or just beyond, depending on how much cuff you would like to show, and the back length should end at the bottom of one’s seat.

In addition to looking for quality in a jacket, fit is just as important. When buying a suit, sport jacket or blazer, make sure that alterations are done to ensure the best fit, remembering that it’s not about what size you typically wear or have become accustomed to but how the garment should actually fit your body. For example, if there are two gentleman who are 5′ 10″, one with a sleeve length of 34″ and the second with a sleeve length of 35″, it may be suggested in each case that the jacket length should reach the tip of the thumb while his arm is straight by his side. This advice would not be suitable since the former gentleman will have a jacket length that is one inch shorter than the latter, even though they are the same height. A proper alteration for each gentleman will have the jacket length stop at the bottom of each person’s seat.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be assured of always looking your best.

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