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Date Movie Pick This Week: District 9

September 4, 2009

I have mixed opinions about this as a date movie, although I am in the minority on this.  The movie itself, which I saw this week, is a lower-budget sci-fi film about aliens that end up being stuck on earth, specifically South Africa, and are relegated to live in a specific slum.  They are eventually relocated to a new area. The film itself is more of a story about personal evolution and change in perspective, as seen in the main character and ultimately in the audience.  From an intellectual point of view, I thought it was a good movie and worth discussing afterwards. However, not being prepared for the graphic nature of the film or what specifically happens in it, the amount of gore took me by surprise.  Don’t take anyone to this movie that isn’t ready for a bit of shock with a social message.

Rotten Tomatoes has rated District 9 as having over 89% approval rate. Variety gives it a more industry-focused review, which seems positive. CTV has given it 3.5 our of 4 stars and complements the movie’s marketing strategy, having ads warning us to separate from aliens was a nice touch. Rolling Stone also gave District 9 3.5 our of 4 stars.

So, dress sharply but be ready for some sleeve grabbing by a shocked date at your side.  The message here is  important and the way they get it across is gritty and surprisingly real.


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