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Daily News – September 1, 2009

September 1, 2009

The Financial Times is reporting good news for LVMH and luxury brands around the world. The company won a $32 million dollar award in damages against a web-hosting company for providing counterfeit eStores with the services through which they sold their goods online. This is the first such decision and could mean the beginning of the end of selling counterfeit luxury goods online. If service providers are going to be responsible for what their clients are selling, they will have a much more active role in policing and censoring their client’s activities, which will mean fewer fakes being sold online.

The case, involving an internet service provider and web hosting company called Akanoc Solutions, breaks “significant new ground” by finding a technology company responsible for the activities of websites hosted in its data centres, said Eric Goldman, associate professor of law at Santa Clara University.

Also, WWD is reporting that J. Barbour & Sons has taken control of three stores it opened in partnership with men’s retailer Peter Elliot.


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