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Breaking Up In Style

August 31, 2009

Many of our clients find themselves more successful, when trying to break the ice with the opposite sex, when they are wearing our garments. Our clothing gives them credibility and shows that they understand style and quality while taking pride in how they present themselves.  However, if and when these relationships come to a conclusion, it’s important to end them with the same sense of elegance and style that marked the beginning.

This article from has some great pointers on how to break things off the right way, with direct and clear integrity. It’s not something that is ever considered pleasant, but the reality is that ending things on the right note preserves reputations and attempts to consider each person’s feelings an reactions.

Of the four points the article raises, the one that we agree is often overlooked is not deleting her number from your cell phone:

But the one thing you must not do is delete her number, and it’s not because you may have made a mistake and you don’t wish to burn all bridges. Rather, it’s so you can recognize her number if she attempts to call — screening is a necessary part of the process — and you’re always on the vigilant lookout for any last-ditch efforts on her part


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