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Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy Dies – August 25, 2009

August 26, 2009

After a number of days that seemed relatively uneventful in the industry, there are a few topics worth noting today. The most important of which is the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy. Ted Kennedy, passed away from a brain tumor today, two weeks after the death of his sister, Eunice. He was a keystone in US politics for over 40 years and was a key supporter of Barack Obama’s Democratic administration. He was also a pivotal, but often overlooked, icon in the world of menswear.  A consummate leader, Ted Kennedy was always dressed well as an elegant American aristocrat from Massachusetts.

Articles on his passing can be found all over the web. Some of the top articles include this one by the Associated Press, the AFP, The Washington Post, USA Today, and the BBC, which are among the several thousand articles posted this morning.

While the media will continue to cover the truly fascinating life of this public figure, there are a number of career and personal experiences worth knowing.  His involvement in the death of a volunteer, who was part of his brother’s presidential campaign team on July 18, 1969, in Martha’s Vineyard‘s Chappaquiddick Island is one such event. Others include his involvement with several family presidential campaigns, living through the assassination of his two brothers and of course, a life in the public eye as the patriarch of one of America’s most iconic families.



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