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What Every Great Sales Person and Tailor Need to Know: Tools and Talking Points

August 19, 2009
A good tailor has the right tools in his hands, and his head

A good tailor has the right tools in his hands and his head

In addition to having a personality, likes, dislikes, and an array of topics to talk with clients about, the following are essential tools for every salesperson:

1. A measuring tape.

2. A piece of tailor’s chalk .

3. The knowledge of how to use the aforementioned properly.

4. Product knowledge.

5. A tidy and clean appearance.

6. The alteration schedule for the tailor shop.

7. After lunch, mints.

8. A quality pen. Any brand that is made of plastic does not qualify.

9. Business cards.

10. A day timer or Blackberry.

Personality, hobbies, and a few discussion points are critical for every sales representative in sales. Why?  So that you have a few prepared topics you can use to relate with customers.  Salary and status become irrelevant if you are talking to somebody about sports, cars, photography, or current events. Building a quick rapport is an essential way to build trust and have an enjoyable exchange.  Pick a few items that you find interesting and do a bit of research on them.  Use this blog to find weekly date movie ideas and other conversation topics you can read up on. Perhaps most importantly, get familiar with Google News.  On your cell phone or computer, you can get a very quick but in-depth look at the news stories of the moment AND have access to all related articles concerning the stories. In the 4 minutes it would take to read a few of them, you will be armed with small talk that can last all day.


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