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Hartmarx, Coppley & Royal Shirts: What’s Next?

August 17, 2009

As Toronto’s and Ontario’s menswear industries are small communities, we have spent a lot of time over the weekend speaking with friends that are close to the situation to get a better idea of what has happened.  What were the Coppley employees told? Last Friday, what was the scene like in the Toronto Royal Shirts’ plant and in the Hamilton Coppley plant – both of which were owned by Hartmarx?  As of last Monday, Hartmarx has probably been in the legal right and moral wrong by shamelessly firing the entire Hartmarx staff and sealing most if not all of the Hartmarx assets to a company of a similar name. The new company has hired back many of the employees that were recently fired. However, the point is that from a legal perspective there may not be much recourse for executives of Hartmarx subsidiary brands Coppley and Royal Shirts,  or for that matter their retailers, because the previous company with which the employees had contracts now has no assets that can be legally pursued.

A close friend of Antonio’s, whom Antonio has worked with the in past, is going to give us one of the first inside accounts of what happened at the company, including what will be cut from the lines and which jobs have been lost.

We also know that there are a few reporters who will be covering the story in more detail and as they are published, we will link to them here.

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