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James Bond vs. Indiana Jones

August 10, 2009

Indiana Jones

Rumour has it that Megan Fox has turned down a role in the next Bond film starring Daniel Craig. James Bond is considered by many to be one of the most iconic male characters in film and a model for style. Who, at one time or another, hasn’t watched Sean Connery as Bond (excluding “Never Say Never Again”) and wished to live a small part of that fantasy. In fact, at Antonio Valente, we often receive bespoke shirt orders requesting that we copy shirt features worn in movies and magazines – even tuxedo, sport jacket, shirt cuff and collar styles worn by 007.

The more I thought about the style that was infused into each movie, the more I tried to think of another film personality who could give Mr. Bond a run for his (government’s) money. Although the Indiana Jones franchise isn’t as long standing as Ian Fleming’s, there is enough substance to make a real comparison between the two movie icons.


Bond wears tailored clothing from shirts to trousers to tuxedos.

Jones is mostly seen in the same shirt, trouser and leather jacket.

Advantage… Bond

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones


Bond is a Secret Agent for the British government and travels the globe defending freedom. He has a licence to kill and frequently uses it.

Jones earns his pay as a University Professor and Archaeologist; travels the world fighting for justice. He also has killed in the course of his job.

Advantage…Equal. Both characters save the world from the most evil intentions.

Tools of the Trade

Bond is supplied with a gun, imaginative gizmos, intensive training and an Aston Martin.

Jones has a whip and a gun.

Advantage…Jones. Although James bond definitely has the cooler gadgets, Indiana Jones gets the job done with far less.

Female Characters

The Bond Girls, with names like Pussy Galore and Dr. Goodhead, are known around the world.

Not as much luck for Indiana Jones.

Advantage…??? I’ll leave the tie-breaker to you. The way I see it, Bond definitely got the upper hand when it came to women but Jones managed to find love – both beautiful results, in their own way.


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