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White Shirts Part 2: A Foundation From Which To Grow

August 5, 2009 has a list of the top twelve earning personalities in the talk show industry. On the list are four women and eight men. It struck me that five out of the eight men were wearing white dress shirts. I know as well as you do that individual preference and bias have a significant role to play in designing our personal fashion trends. Far be it from me to deny anyone the comfort of their white dress shirts. However, I am saying that a closet full of white dress shirts can become a bit predictable.


Donald Trump - Not in an Antonio Valente White Shirt, and using the shirt as a foundation to let the personality of his tie really shine through.

Donald Trump - An esteemed business man that could benefit from a more dynamic dress shirt pattern

Donald Trump - An esteemed business man who could benefit from a more dynamic dress shirt pattern

Take  Donald Trump for example, who earned sixth spot with $50 million dollars. After researching a few photos of Mr. Trump, I noticed that he rarely wears anything but white shirts. A nicely tailored white shirt is a classic look but limits your self-expression to your tie or cufflinks; by wearing a little more detail, you will stand out and get noticed.

Take a look at Men.Style.Com for a few bolder ideas. These choices aren’t for everyone but it does show how a splash of colour can make a significant impact on your look and your attitude.

Take a look at a few Antonio Valente suit combinations:

Antonio Valente Essentials 005Antonio Valente Essentials 006

Antonio Valente Essentials 007Antonio Valente Essentials 008

Start small and before you’ll know it, you’ll be on the cutting edge of colour.


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