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White Shirts Part 3: Adding Personality with Antonio Valente Bespoke Details

August 5, 2009

Many people have submitted bespoke orders asking for white dress shirts with added flair. If you’re looking for a different spin on a timeless classic, here are my  top 3 ways to dress up your white shirt:

Honourable Mention

Fabric Selection. The simplest way to create a statement with your white dress shirt is to choose unique fabric patterns. Have a look at some of the fabrics from our bespoke and ready-to-wear programs.

 Number 3

Contrast Stitch. By sewing a white dress shirt with a coloured thread, you’ll be able to complement the colours found in your suit, tie, cuff links or trousers.


This Bespoke White Shirt Features Dual Color Stitching On The Collar

This Bespoke White Shirt Features Dual Color Stitching On The Collar

 Number 2

Panel Fronts and Back. Among the wide variety of options available in our bespoke style book, the panel fronts and back add a touch of individuality to a white dress shirt. In this case, each front is made of two separate pieces and the back consists of three separate pieces. The seams that join all the separate pieces add a decorative result to the look of the shirt. Furthermore, you can designate different white fabrics to the front side panels and centre back panel to add more character. If you want to go the distance, then finish the shirt with a contrast stitch.

Number 1

 Sartorial Construction. The Sartorial construction showcases the highest level of quality and excellence. Single needle tailoring with hand-turned side seams combine with complete pattern matching (yoke to sleeves, sleeve placket to sleeve, fronts, and the centre line for the cuffs, fronts and collar are the same), a dual yoke, Sartorial gussets with hand-sewn tack, hand-sewn mother of pearl buttons and pic stitching on the collar, cuffs, front placket, shoulder seams, yoke and armholes to present a dress shirt that stands above the rest.

White Antonio Valente Sartorial Shirt

White shirt, from our Sartorial Collection, features pic stitching, fine cottons, and hand details throughout construction to make it one the finest shirts available





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