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Antonio Valente Bespoke: Premium Oversize Dress Shirts and Trousers Available

August 5, 2009

At Antonio Valente, we pride ourselves on providing our consumers with the utmost versatility to fulfill all fashion needs. For this reason, I think that we are FrontRunners

From the many clothiers that carry our apparel, people of all shapes, sizes and taste may choose from our ready-to-wear collection or bespoke program. Although most needs may be met by our ready-to-wear fashion, with options available to customize a shirt or trouser, our bespoke program can accommodate any and all requirements. 

As such, we get a lot of special bespoke requests. Once, a retailer called to ask if we would be willing to make a shirt for one of their clients. We were told that this particular gentleman was having difficulty ordering an over-sized dress shirt for his daughter’s wedding since many other manufacturers had size restrictions. We accepted the request and were pleased to deliver a white dress shirt within our standard 7 to 10 business day turn around. The proud father of the bride was so pleased to wear his first dress shirt to his daughter’s wedding that his eyes welled up with tears. 

texas big shirt 003

Bespoke premium oversize dress shirt - just one example of our oversize menswear capabilities.


Antonio Valente Oversized Trousers

Antonio Valente trouser quality standards are amongst the finest in the world. One example of our committment to quality is our aversion to using crotch pieces, which is often done by many manufacturers to save on fabric usage.


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