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Wearing Brown Shoes

August 4, 2009

Mens Feragamo Brown Dress Shoes

Men's Feragamo Brown Dress Shoe

Men’s Flair has an article on the proper way to wear brown shoes.

One is that your shoes should always be darker than your suit trousers. If tan shoes are being worn more casually, there is some leeway there. But don’t wear tan shoes with a navy suit. Try a chocolate brown instead and you’ll realise what the Italians are going on about – why they embolden each other.

A second guideline to bear in mind is that brown shoes are still not as smart as black. Yes, they are accepted; but no, they are not a replacement.

In well-dressed circles, black shoes are reserved for tuxedos, formal suits and black  suits. Brown shoes, worn with all other outfits, enhance a look by adding character and flair. The only restriction concerning brown shoes is that darker tones should be worn during the fall and winter seasons while lighter shades should be reserved for spring and summer. Of course, belts should always match your shoes and socks should match your trousers.

To prolong the life of your beloved shoes, invest in cedar shoe trees. They should be kept inside your shoes immediately after each wearing and until their next outing. Cedar shoe trees protect the leather, fabric and soles from moisture damage by absorbing it. They help maintain the original shape of your shoes and add to your their longevity by smoothing out creases and wrinkles that prematurely age leather. The life of a cedar shoe tree is limited and should be changed every couple of years. Basically, once they lose their cedar scent, it’s time for them to be replaced.


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