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A Dress Shirt’s Worst Friend: Dry Cleaning

July 30, 2009
White Dress Shirts At Dry Cleaners: Getting ready for punishment

White Dress Shirts At Dry Cleaners: Getting ready for punishment

We’ve all had a bad experience with a dry cleaner who lost a favourite dress shirt or couldn’t get the stain out of a suit. At Antonio Valente, we often receive questions about how to care for our bespoke or ready-to-wear shirts. Of course, the best way to launder and press your shirts is to do it yourself but not all of us have the time. If you need to send your shirts to the cleaners then this link at has some great tips and warning signs.

1- Clothes fit differently: If garments are cleaned at the wrong temperature, the threads can shrink.

2- Clothes look shiny: Fabric can become glossy if it has been crushed by hard-pressing.

3- Clothes have indents: If imprints are visible around the pockets

When I wear any of my Antonio Valente apparel, I want them to keep looking great each time I wear them. If you’re like me, you’ll keep an eye out for these other dry cleaning warning signs: broken buttons, button indentations on the front placket, wrinkling on the underside of the cuffs and collar, yellowing of the collar and cuffs or use of starch. However, your Antonio Valente shirts will not experience all the warning signs. For one, you will never see wrinkling on the underside of your cuffs or collar because we use interlinings on the fronts AND backs of the cuffs and collar to avoid any puckering.


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