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WWD’s Arthur Friedman Remembers Walter Cronkite

July 29, 2009

This blog entry by WWD Senior Editor, Markets, is one that caught my attention and I one that I think is worth a quick look. It recounts his meeting the late Cronkite at a funeral in 1992, and shows him to be, as many of us would only assume, a very gracious gentleman. Friedman notes of his meeting:

So I introduced myself and told him he was one of my heroes. He thanked me, and then graciously introduced me to his wife, Betsy.

In his eulogy of Parnis, Cronkite expressed why he cared so much for her, and his words also expressed why I and millions of Americans admired him so much, when he said: “Most of all, we loved Mollie for her truthfulness and her absolute candor and courage of her convictions.”

He then added, “Maybe that’s why we news people loved Mollie as much as she seemed to favor us. She loved the inside story. She also believed dresses should not go out of style after one season and we husbands loved her for that.”

And that’s the way it was, Sept. 15, 1992.


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