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Quest for the Best: What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet?

July 28, 2009

We all want to look our best and feel our best when we set out from our homes each morning. A big part of that mindset is how we dress. Nothing makes me feel better…let me rephrase that…I feel great when I receive a complement on how I am dressed. If I know that I am looking good becuase of a unique shirt, sport jacket and pair of trousers or I am wearing a favourite suit, I know my day will unfold in the same way that I am feeling, great.

Recently, I have realized that in addition to my closet, my home’s contents can also contribute to supporting a positive attitude by making my environment as healthy as possible. Check out Good Guide, a site that scores products based on health, environment and social impact.

In 2001, a medical student at the University of Connecticut published a study of indoor air quality that reported that the chemical ingredients found inside most homes would qualify them as Superfund chemical waste sites. Chances are that the area under your sink is contributing mightily to that chemical load.

From the Men’s Grooming Products Ratings section, Good Guide continues by targeting our medicine cabinets.

There’s a wide range of men’s grooming products required to achieve that sensitive, clean-shaven, fragrant style – and the ingredients in them are just as much cause for concern as in any other personal care product line.

Here I am thinking that my razor was the scariest object in my medicine cabinet!


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