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Joseph Valente: Wardrobe Confidentiale

July 24, 2009

Kanye West wearing Antonio Valente? Not yet, but his 10 Essentials article got Joseph Valente thinking...

I came across a series in called 10 Essentials, which as the name suggests spotlights the 10 obsessions that interest specific celebrities. In this case, it was Kanye West.

It got me thinking about what would be my wardrobe’s Antonio Valente essentials. I’ve narrowed it down to three articles of clothing, representing 3 different categories.

Shirt Category: When I first started working with my brother, I have to admit that I was a tad conservative when it came to shirts. I finally broadened my horizons and now look for the most interesting fabrics that Antonio brings back from Italy. This brings me to my first pick. It was a close call between the runner-up, a bespoke shirt jazzed up with Swarovski crystal buttons, and my top pick. The shirt I chose is one of my favourites because it’s such a conversation piece; no matter where I am, I get a reaction.

Antonio Valente Sport Shirt

Trouser Category: This was a slightly easier choice than selecting a shirt. My wool/ mohairtrouser is heaven personified. The fabric is so soft and light that when I wear the trousers, it’s as if they are made from clouds. The pic stitch detail on the side seams, fly and pocket adds a nice touch to an already eye-catching garment.

Antonio Valente Trouser

Sport Jacket/ Blazer Category: This is my favourite sport jacket for 2 reasons. The first is all the detail, specifically the seamless one-piece back that subtly makes me feel like I have something that few other people own. Secondly, it’s the fabric. When I first took the jacket to try it on, I immediately noticed how soft and yielding the fabric was to touch… I don’t mean to sound too sensual about it, but it did kind of capture my heart.

Antonio Valente Sport JacketAntonio Valente Seamless One-piece Back


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